Granada, 'drinkink al fresco' en una cueva de Hobbits

Analizando la web de la BBC para el Master que ya estoy rematando -acabo por fin este mes-, he descubierto una joya de artículo sobre Granada.

Encuentro frases como esta:

"The city doesn't have the finest range of classy restaurants nor a great nightlife but, like most Spanish cities, it has plenty of attractive plazas for eating and drinking al fresco".

Y comparaciones como esta otra:

"The hillside above the Albaicín -Sacromonte- is covered in small caves almost like Tolkien's hobbit-holes".

Los gitanos además no salen nada bien parados:

"It's a pleasant place to wander around, but don't expect to see much gypsy culture - everything is very much geared to the tourists. In days gone by, visitors would be invited into the gypsy zambras ('shindigs') and treated to some sherry and flamenco. This still happens, but rather than sharing their culture the gitanos simply want to make as much money as they can. It's all good fun, but be careful not to run up a huge bill!".

Para Lorca también hubo palabras:

"With unfortunate timing, Lorca returned to Granada in 1936 just as the Civil War was about to begin. Franco's coup led to a reign of terror in Granada; Lorca, openly homosexual and Republican, was tracked down by the fascists, taken to the nearby village of Viznar and murdered two days later. His body was never found".

En Granada y por extensión España el cuerpo de Lorca está localizado pero la familia no quiere que se profane sus restos -esta es la versión oficial-.

Y Guadix:

"The Guadix landscape is reminiscent of the Grand Canyon".


"Trévelez is renowned for its altitude - it's the highest village in Spain - its wine and its delicious serrano ham".

Se les olvidó mencionar a su famoso jamonero.

Su gastronomía:

"Food is good but fairly basic, so it's best to forget high cuisine and enjoy meals as the Spanish themselves do".

Pero menos mal que tenemos tapas - "Small dishes of food served in most bars" -:

"They say that, in Granada, the tapas are always free, and it's a pleasant surprise to find that it is true! You'll almost always be brought a small plate of olives with your drinks, and if you stay for a few you'll probably be brought other delicacies as well - for example, a few cubes of Spanish omelette or some serrano ham and cheese."

Aunque poca marcha nocturna:

"Nightlife is similarly nothing to write home about".

La joya al completo aquí.

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7 de julio de 2008, 2:27

Joder, me atrevería a decir que esto es NOTICIA...

Manda narices...

Verónica Carmona

7 de julio de 2008, 2:37

Distintas culturas, distintas formas de ver una realidad